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If it's going to be, it's up to me

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About our school

Bobs Farm Public School is a small school of less than 50 students. It is situated in a semi rural area on the Tomaree Peninsula 45 km north from Newcastle and 15 km south of Nelson Bay.

The school serves as a focal point for the community in which it is situated. The school is one of five local feeder primary schools to Tomaree High School, which has a student population of approximately 1200 students.

Bobs Farm Public School endeavours to:

  • provide a caring environment
  • ensure that all students feel happy and secure
  • encourage each student to feel that he or she is a worthwhile member of the school
  • encourage the older students to accept the responsibility of looking after the younger students
  • foster a sense of responsibility towards the wider community. 

School song

By Susan Liebert

Verse 1

We have a splendid school 
We think it's cool 
And we love coming to it (clap hands once) 
Here in Bob's Farm 
It's a happy place 
With lots of space 
Whichever way you view it  (clap hands once) 
Here in Bob's Farm 
Where the Tilligerry Creek 
Runs along close by 
Ibises and Kookaburras in the sky 
We love our vegie garden 
Which we all work hard in 
Here in Bob's Farm…

Verse 2

We have our teachers too 
Who help us through 
In everything we're learning (clap hands once) 
We study hard…
Our uniform of red and green 
Makes it easy to be seen (clap hands once) 
When we're in the yard… 
"If it's to be, it's up to me" 
Is what we all believe in 
We do our best… 
Although we're small 
We all stand tall 
And we all pull together 
Here in Bob's Farm 
Our values make the rules 
Here in Bob's Farm School!!